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Welcome to Nuanza Porcelain, where an art, nature and culture we united into a wonderful unity. Nuanza Porcelain produces high quality Ceramic and Porcelain items. Goods are produced in the form of Figurine, Tile, Tableware, Trophy, and Vase for local and exporting purposes. Nuanza's vision brings a touch of Indonesian cultural beauty, and Mission becomes a provider of quality Ceramic and Porcelain products with the finest touch of Indonesian sons. Human Resources owned by Nuanza Porcelain is very complete. Includes ceramic chemists who are experienced in handling some foreign ceramics factories in Indonesia, ISI Yogyakarta alumni designers who are very full of experience, supported by several production staffs who have experienced more than 20 years in the field of ceramics. Nuanza Porcelain has also penetrated overseas markets, sending many tableware products to countries such as the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Nuanza Porcelain, proud Indonesian product.

Showroom Address


Dukuh Dedegan RT 03 RW 05
Desa Ngadirojo, Kecamatan Ampel
Boyolali, Jawa Tengah, Indoensia
Telp : 0888 0651 4053
Email : nuanza.npi@gmail.com 






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